Four Easy Ways To Help Your Customers Overcome The Fear Of Ordering From You

You Can Overcome Your Prospects’ Fears By Doing These Four Proven Things!

A majority of people are simply afraid to make a decision to order your product. They may really want and need it, but something inside of them tells them to put it off. To think it over. To wait a while. You must find a way to overcome these fears and get their orders.

These four things will help you do just that:

One – Provide Testimonials

Testimonials can be very important. People will almost always believe the words of other customers before they will believe anything you say. It’s a proven fact. Testimonials are proof that other people agree with what you are telling them. Good testimonials will help your prospect decide that what you are saying is really true. And in case I forgot to mention it elsewhere, we never, EVER make up testimonials, despite what people think.

Two – Provide Examples

An example makes what you are saying real to the customer. For example, let’s say that you are writing a sales letter and you include an example that tells people to picture themselves making their first million and picking out their new home by the beach. This helps people envision themselves getting the full benefit that comes with buying your product.

Three – Provide a Case History

This is very similar to a testimonial except that you are telling the story. You may tell about a man named “Jerry” who used your money-making programme to bring in £1.25 million in less than 18 months. This allows people to visualize making that much money, and it again helps them understand what other people are doing with your product.

Four – Use “Leader” Copy

Leader copy tells the prospect that they are a leader and one of the chosen few who will have the courage to respond to your offer. This can be used if you are selling a business opportunity. You can say something like “Everyone talks about making money, but you are one of the few who actually does something about it!”

These four things will help bring you more sales. Your customers need to see these things in your sales material. If they do, they will be more likely to send you their money.



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