21 Common Sales Letter Omissons – Checklist

There are a variety of elements to any direct mail or website sales letter, some of which should NEVER be forgotten. Here’s a handy checklist of 21 elements that should always be present in a sales letter. Check your latest sales letter today to make sure there’s nothing missing.

  • No headline on letter
  • Not enough benefits
  • No P.S.
  • No signature, or signature is a squiggle
  • Black or other colour than blue signature
  • Typeset, slick-looking lift letter
  • No guarantee
  • Weak teaser or headline
  • Exaggerated claims (you must establish credibility)
  • Confusing mailing (lots of separate pieces, offer not clear, etc.)
  • Copy is too short – not enough reasons to buy
  • Copy is boring
  • Long paragraphs – should be five sentences or less
  • Few or no subheads
  • No free bonus
  • No close
  • Copy doesn’t flow logically from one paragraph to next
  • Disrespectful of reader, or presumptuous, “I have no idea what your income is…”, “You’re probably broke right now…”, “I’m guessing you’re pretty cack-handed at DIY just like me…”
  • No price testing
  • Weak or non-existent bonuses
  • Too many type faces, too much fancy graphics.

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